The J.L. Edmonds Project

A New View of the Black West

The goal of J.L. Edmonds project is to educate and inspire by shedding light on the legacy and stories of early Black Angeleno life and culture. On this site, you'll learn about the life and work of J.L Edmonds,The Liberator, the Edmonds family and all the visionaries who laid the foundation for Black Los Angeles. This project aims to provide missing pieces to the story of the American West - one of progress, innovation and true civic engagement in Los Angeles at the turn of the century.

In 2019, the J.L. Edmonds project will feature a digitized archive of The Liberator newspaper for researchers, students and history buffs to read and explore. Stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions, events and community programming centered around J.L. Edmonds legacy and that of the Black West.



A special thanks to our partners who've invested in Jefferson's legacy.